Latvian Society of Cardiology

Go red for woman


These words show the main goals of Go Red movement. Go Red for women celebrates the energy, passion and power they have as women to band together to wipe out heart disease and stroke. Today’s main goals are to reduction in coronary heart disease and stroke risk.

Certain chronic diseases, especially heart disease, are often viewed as primarily affecting men. The truth is that heart disease affects women and men almost equally. It is the number 1 killer of women, just as it is of men.

Globally, women are subject to the same risk factors as men but a woman undergoing a heart attack may not experience the same warning signs as a man.

Go Red for women urges health professionals to look after women by recognizing the different symptoms of heart disease and stroke, and providing appropriate treatment. Go Red for women encourages more research into gender-specific heart health issues. The movement appeals to policy-makers to include heart health for women and their families in health policies and programmes.

Thanks to the participation of millions of people across the world, the colour red and the red dress now stand for the ability for all women to improve their heart health and live stronger, longer lives.

Latvian society of cardiology is guiding Go Red movement in Latvia to reduce Women coronary heart disease and stroke risk. One of the frequent symptoms of coronary heart disease is chest ache, as well as, shortness of breath, sickness, indigestion. To reduce heart disease we have to think more about and administer a healthy way of living. The Women’s’ day - 8th of March, is also a Go Red day in Latvia

GO RED for women!


This movement was created in 2004 by American Heart Association. The most active this movement is in USA. Every year in the first Friday of February women are asked to wear something red this way paying attention to number one women killer – cardiovascular disease and emphasize the heart health role in their life.

Go red for women offer:

  • To assess the heart disease risk
  • Every day try to eat these products   
  • Women can connect and share their story about choices they have made to improve their heart health and about their results
  • Provides education materials for women such as cookbooks, brochures, bookmarks, posters etc.
  • Supports research and awareness programs, offers apparel, accessories and other heart-healthy products
  • Physical activity programs for women


- Every day try to eat these products:

  • at least 500g of fresh fruit and vegetables a day
  • Wholegrain cereals
  • Nuts
  • Low fat milk products
  • fish  - at least 2 times per week as part of a heart protective diet
  • try to eat lean meat, specially poultry meat without skin, and try to cook without products, that contains  saturated fats and trans fats (fry oil, butter, margarine)
  • use salt less then 3 g a day
  • limit alcohol use (for example, 150 ml Wine a day)

- do physical activities at least 30 minutes a day  - walking,  bicycling,  dancing, swimming, yoga
- do not smoke and avoid  rooms, that are fill with smoke