Latvian Society of Cardiology

Steam cell program

Celluar transplantation
The first cellular transplantation in Baltics region was made in Latvia, during the clinical research, lead by prof. Andrejs Erglis.

This is a historical event and huge achivement in Latvian cardiology. ”Cellular transplantation of one kind or another has been made only in few clinics  in the world untill now”, after the operation said asoc. prof. Andrejs Erglis.

Stem cells for diabetic patients
The cells were administered in the hope, that it will improve the functioning of the pancreas and help patients to get rid of the necessity of insulin or other medicine.

Now we know that patients condition has improved after surgery. It`s inspiring as Ever!

In 18th and 20th of August, year2009 molecular cell fraction inputs, in pancreas of two second type diabetes patients, were made.